Top 10 Best Extension Boards With USB Port In India 2021

Extension Boards are very essential electrical family things. There are many extension boards accessible in the market most exceedingly awful to best. It’s anything but a smart thought to purchasing a best extension board that might be risky because well-being is the fundamental need.   

Extension board is an adaptable electrical link that can be of different length’s which comprises an attachment toward one side and one or numerous attachments on the other. It is connected to the attachment and stretches out its span to the necessary area. 

Well, this little gadget has different advantages. It can truly spare you from a difficult situation.So to assist you better with picking the correct item, we have drilled down the top extension boards that you can purchase in India. Yet, before going ahead let us know a few things about them.



 Why do you need an Extension board? 


  • Saves money: This is the best thing an electrical board can do to you. On the off chance that you go to stretch out your current organization to the ideal area, at that point it may cost you a respectable measure of cash while additional lines are way less expensive. They do what is required and sets aside your well-deserved cash also settling on it as a superior decision for the majority of individuals out there. 
  • Allows multiple devices to connect at one place: You can run numerous gadgets on the double by associating them to the plugs in the electrical line if you pick the correct one. It will work easily without making any issues the gadgets connected just as the string. 
  • Provide electricity to places with no connection: Nobody will have power switches all around their rooms. So there will be places where you need to put an electronic gadget and you don’t have an association over yonder. Also, you would prefer not to delve into your dividers each time you have to connect something the switch. This is the place where electrical boards are exceptionally useful and make things simple for you. 


Top 10 best extension boards with a USB port in 2021


1.GM 3261 CUBA 4+1 Power strip with Master Switch, Indicator, Safety Shutter, 3 International

A need for each family is this GM 3261 CUBA 4 + 1 electrical extension. It has an ace switch, 3 USB ports, and 3 fire-retardant global attachments to gracefully capacity to different kinds of fittings around the globe. 

GM 3261 CUBA 3+1 Power strip highlights 3 multi-reason worldwide attachments that can hold fittings of very nearly 150 nations, 3 USB PORT 2.4 A and it has an ace switch. It accompanies a 1.8 meters long link and a marker to show the accessibility of intensity.

The attachments include security screens to spare minimal ones and your friends and family from coincidentally putting their hands into it.

GM 3261 CUBA 4+1 Powerstrip with USB port 2.4A
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Specification of GM 3261 CUBA 4+1 Power strip 


  • Wattage: 2500 watts 
  • Material: Polycarbonate, , Color: white dark 
  • Thing Dimension: 245mm x 50mm x 30mm 
  • 1-year guarantee of the product
  • It accompanies with 3 global attachments, 3USB Port, Master switch, Safety shade, and LED pointer 
  • 3 adaptable worldwide attachments: Suitable for a wide range of attachments that are utilized in just about 150 nations 
  • Output of USB 1: 5V=2.4A, Output of USB 2: 5V=2.1A, Output of USB 3: 5V=1A

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2.Axmon Extension Cord with 2 USB Charging Ports and 6 Socket – 10 Amp Heavy Duty Multiplug

Before buying an extension cord it is important to check the quality and features, Axmon Extension Cord comes with great quality and features that cannot be matched with any other cords.

It comes with USB ports (5V/2A each) that will distinguish your gadgets consequently and snappy energize speed to 2 Ampere. All charging ports of the electric strip accompany high-flow, over-burden, and short out assurance for 100% safe charging.

In the present season of the mobiles, the issue of charging happened. This Extension board is helpful for mobile users. All charging ports of the electric strip accompany high-flow and short out assurance for 100% safe charging.

Axmon offers this extension board in three shading variations. It is accessible in Blue, Red, dim tones. Axmon extension has a physical control attachment so there is no compelling reason to plug and unplug the extension board any longer. It additionally has a pointer light.

Axmon Extension Cord with 2 USB Extension Board

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Specification of Axmon Extension Cord 

  • Multi-Functional: Axmon additional string with 6 outlets and 2 USB ports which power and charge everything around your work area from a solitary smaller expansion. 
  • Quick And Smart Charging: The USB ports (5V/2A each) will recognize your gadgets naturally and brisk energize speed to 2 Amp. 
  • Different Protection: All charging ports of the electric strip accompany high-flow, over-burden, and short out assurance for 100% safe charging. 
  • Switch Control: Manually control the attachment and USB yields of the expansion board, which is no compelling reason to plug and unplug the augmentation board any longer. 
  • Versatile Design: Axmon electrical line is in little size and 1.8-meter long string, it is an ideal force gracefully for movement, home, library, office, and business use.

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3.Extension Board with 3 Universal sockets & 2 USB points

The extension board is otherwise called an electrical extension, flood defender, power board and multi-attachment, and so forth here you can see the best augmentation board in India.

It is a square of electrical attachments that joins to the furthest limit of an adaptable link permitting different electrical gadgets to be controlled from a solitary electrical attachment. 

Everybody purchase the extension board for their work, office, or home works. So various people groups have various necessities.

In case you are searching for a straightforward, cool, and life-time useable expansion load up then you ought to go for an Electrical string with 440V high voltage insurance which has adaptable attachments for a wide range of fittings and 2.1A USB. 

Specification of Extension board

  • Material: Polycarbonate, Color: White 
  • Thing Dimension: 285mm x 65mm x 30mm 
  • 1Year warranty. 
  • 460V high voltage security to ensure all the associated gadget 
  • 2.1A USB gadget for better execution 
  • the adaptable attachment which is viable with all kind of fittings 
  • Imperviousness to fire innovation guarantees the security


4.Portronics POR-671 5A Electrical Universal Sockets and 3 USB Ports (Black)

Portronics Power Plate II accompanies three 5A electrical all-inclusive attachments and three USB ports. This kills the need to walk around with divider connectors that occupy a huge load of room for all of your telephones/tablets.

For security and assurance, it accompanies a spike buster and floods insurance circuit. It has flame-resistant material with 5V/2.1A/3USB shrewd accusing interfaces of a rope length of 1.8m. 

You can associate your screen, CPU, Speakers, Laptop, Modem, TV, Sound framework, and numerous other 5A electric apparatuses. It has a neon-lit force button for better perceivability. Each attachment can withstand more than 1600 fitting additions, this implies you can plug-unplug each day for 5+ year’s relentless with no issue. 

Portronics POR-671, 5A Electrical Universal Sockets and 3 USB Ports


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Specification of Portronics POR-671 5A 


  • USB Power and Surge Protector: Comes with three 5A electrical widespread attachments and three 5V/2.1A USB savvy charging interfaces. 
  • Securely Compatible: Ideal ally for all uncompromising gadgets, similar to work areas, workstations, printers, cell phones, and kitchen machines like Refrigerator, Mixer processor, and so on with most extreme 2500 W force. 
  • Strong materials: Made with PC composite, plastic flame-resistant material, intended to securely withstand more than 1,600 attachment inclusions. 
  • In-constructed security framework: Enabled with imported keen chips, with a 220-240V AC Input, and 2500W yield. Additionally accompanies a 1.8M string for additional simplicity of use.

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5.Syska 3 Way 2 Metres Extension Board with USB (Grey)

Designed flawlessly, Syska 3 Socket Power Wheel Extension Board is an unquestionable requirement has in each family. This additional string accompanies 4m long link and one three-pins and two-pin attachments which add to its usefulness.

The quick rope pull makes it simple to work. It is additionally worked with great quality plastic which is non-conductive of power.

The Syska 3 Way Spike Buster is outfitted with Spike and Surge Protection which restricts the voltage provided to the gadget by putting away the abundance power and delivering it slowly. Its attachments are intended to be viable with Indian and International Plugs and Devices. 

Syska 3 Way 2 Metres Extension Board with USB (Grey)


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Specification of Syska 3 Way 2 Metres Extension Board with USB (Grey)

  • Material: ABS Body, Finish: Plastic and Color: Gray 
  • Product Dimension: 2.85 cm x .6 cm x .25 cm 
  • Power Cord Length: 2.5: It has On/Off Switch, Light Indicator, 2 USB ports, and 2.5 Meter Cord for simple everyday use; Protection Type: Spike and Surge Protection 
  • Bundle Contents: 1-Piece Extension Board 
  • 1-year guarantee on the item 
  • Flood and spike insurance 
  • Force : 1500 Watts, 6 Amp; Input Voltage : AC240, 50Hz 
  • Expansion board with 3 attachments and 2 USB ports

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6.Live Tech PS06 with Extension Cord 2mtr with USB Port 

Live Tech has constructed our situation in the innovation world with the ideal quality, innovation, and adornments we give. You will want to locate a wide scope of items given by us which incorporates mouse, consoles, speakers, headphones, earphones, PC cupboards, links, PCI segments, and other PC embellishments.

Live Tech PS06 with Extension Cord 2mtr with USB Port

Features and Details:   

  • This shrewd spike strip is worked with three sources for global attachments. You will want to charge three gadgets all at once with this stunning spike strip. It has an appraised force of 2500 W with a 110 V-250 V flood defender. 
  • The 6-port USB for fast charging is likewise a stunning component of the spike strip. You will want to effectively charge various gadgets at rapid by utilizing these USB charging outlets. 
  • This spike strip accompanies the CE and ROHS certificate. The flood assurance includes likewise protects your valuable PCs. 
  • With this spike strip, you will want to appreciate a mix of fine workmanship and sturdiness. The material is utilized heatproof. The string utilizes excellent copper wires to withstand more current. 
  • The reduced size of the spike strip gives a truly agreeable feel to the client. It doesn’t consume a lot of room and is not difficult to haul around. 
  • The model accompanies a press catch to supply or stop the force. This makes it extremely simple and agreeable to utilize this spike strip.


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Specification of iBELL USB Socket Spike Guard Extension

  • Ibell Premium 7 Way Socket and 2 Way USB Socket Extension Spike Guard 
  • High-Quality ABS Material 
  • Max Power: 2500W | 10A | 250V | Flame Retardant Protection 
  • It has a socket in 7 Way and socket in 2 Way USB 
  • Best Quality Copper Parts Inside
  • Reasonable for Various Countries and Regions 
  • Over-burden Protection | 3/4 Way Socket|Best Quality Copper Parts Inside

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7.PEACHBERRY Universal Extension Board with 3 Sockets, 2 USB Ports, 3 meters Heavy Duty Cable

Why Peachberry Spike And Surge Guard? Once in a while flood in voltage happens which impacts the presentation and establishes the life of any electronic or electric gear.

PEACH BERRY restricts the voltage being provided to any gadget awing to its flood concealment capacity, accordingly shielding the machine from harm. ? The circuit at the back goes about as an insurance gadget. 

If you are utilizing it to control a table fan or a cooler, at that point you don’t generally need to stress over what sort of an extension cord it is the length of it is well-being ensured, has an ISI mark, and is from a dependable company.

PEACHBERRY Universal Extension Board with 3 Sockets, 2 USB Ports

Specification of PEACHBERRY Universal Extension Board 

  • USB for Charging Technical Specification 
  • Voltage: 250V~50HZ, Force Consumption:- 1440 VA 
  • Attachment Rating:- 6A, USB Rating:- 5V~2.8 Amp 
  • Charging Socket Type:- 3 Socket and 2 USB PRECAUTIONS 
  • Continuously loosen up a link before use, Connect with the fitting gave 
  • Most extreme Load up to 6AMP, Try not to use in wet, sodden, or damp conditions 
  • Try not to utilize if the fitting, lead, or attachment is harmed 
  • Continuously supplant circuit of a similar rating, Try not to module hardcore apparatuses like irons, submersion radiators, fountain, and so on


8.Black Apple 7 Socket Extension Board with Switches Fuse LED Indicator and 3 Meter Wire


This clever extension code is accessible at the most ideal through strong material this multi-port string comprises of high plastic. ABS lodging material for high effect and great substance obstruction. You have confidence that the Black Apple expansion board is solid and a sturdy choice for all your capacity requires. 

Black Apple 7 Socket Extension Board with Switches Fuse LED Indicator and 3 Meter Wire


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Specification of Black Apple 7 Socket Extension Board 

  • Safety measure – Users don’t utilize the strip for weighty burden gear like microwave, electric pot, press, fountain, inundation bar, and so on 
  • Can be utilized under 1000 watt gadgets Can as an all-out burden on the strip. 
  • 7 Sockets With Individual Switches 
  • 3 Meter long Wire 
  • Great Quality Material Is utilized 
  • Can Be Use Below 1000 watt
  • The dimension of the Product: 5.9 x 4.7 x 3.9 inches

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9.ADDMAX Extension Cord with USB Port – 2 Meter Cord


Addmax electrical rope is lightweight and little size, simple to convey and best for travel.2 meter power string makes it more adaptable, get simple admittance to a spot that is difficult to reach, stretch out the versatile electrical extension to the table or somewhere else effectively where need electrical plugs or USB charging ports all the while, you actually can play your iPad or computer game while charging. 

ADDMAX Extension Cord 6 socket Outlet with 2 USB Port


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Specification of ADDMAX Extension Cord 

  • Ensures total insurance from electrical short out, overheat, cheating, over-flow, and so forth; High-quality heatproof and high temperature-safe ABS material makes it flame resistant. 
  • Environmental assurance and ABS shell with fire-safe material make it a more solid and longer lifetime. This 10Amp electrical plug is excellently made with ABS+PC heatproof material. 
  • Build-in keen charging innovation, This USB charger will distinguish your gadgets consequently and convey the quickest energize speed to 2 Amp. Savvy charging innovation where each USB port can recognize and convey an ideal yield current reliably of up to 2 Amp. 
  • Addmax additional line is a lightweight and little size, simple to convey and best for movement. 4 three Pin outlet, 2 two-pin outlet, and 2 USB ports and a 1.8-meter electrical string can meet most applications, for example, apartment, inn, home, and office.

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10.Gongniu (Formerly Bull) Extension Board; 4 Sockets, 4 Switches, 5 M Wire

Gongniu (Formerly Bull) Extension Board; 4 Socket, 4 Switch, 3 M Wire

The bull is a global electrical gadgets supplier devoted to mechanical advancements. Our wonderful administration framework and creative items in connectors and homegrown force association gadgets have furnished our clients with a sheltered and agreeable climate for utilizing power, accordingly improving life quality. 


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Specification of Gongniu (Formerly Bull) Extension Board

  • Item Dimensions: 28.6 x 6.5 x 3.22 cm; 600 Grams 
  • 10 ampere, 2500 watt rating; 100% unadulterated metal bar inside; No wiring diminishes the danger of short out 
  • Reasonable for most home apparatuses, (for example, rice cooker, fan, cooler, machine, and another machine) 
  • 2 years guarantee on the item 
  • Made of Polypropylene which is light-weight, imperviousness to fire, and climate cordial; same material as used to make hard side baggage 
  • Tried for 10,000 patterns of on/off and 5,000 fitting addition cycles

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These are the best 10 best extension board with USB in India. You can purchase the one which suits your requirements and spending plan as they are accessible in different value sections. Certain things to keep in mind while choosing the perfect extension board. 


How to Choose a Perfect Extension Board?

Options and selection, selecting the right one among the various options is one tedious job even when it’s about an extension box.

Sometimes it’s hard to decide especially when you are purchasing for the first time because confusion is common among the options available with different features and due to looking alike.

Moreover, you can take the help of many buyers guide to select the best extension board with USB for yourself or anyone else by choosing the top rank extension box to enhance your gadgets list.

Though many aspects have to be considered while picking up the best extension box as per requirement. Once you have given time to explore these aspects, all you have to be focused on deciding whether you want to spend your money on it or not.


The brand is always a top priority when it comes to buying anything and it’s the first thing that comes to mind while you search for an extension box.

You can simply search and buy a local extension box, but if you are looking for performance and durability, the branded extension box will serve your purpose in the longer run.

Moreover, a branded extension box will have more to offer in terms of their quality models and are more efficient than the local extension box which is available at a cheap price in the market.

Several sockets and space between them.

You should also decide about the number of sockets you need in your extension box. The gaps among sockets are also important to deliver their purpose so that you can plugin enough devices to work simultaneously. By considering this factor you can find a suitable extension box that can help you to work with many devices at the same without any hassle.

Build Quality

Quality products are always a priority and come easily in your mind while deciding which extension box you want to buy. Quality extension box is safe and even more durable than the cheaper ones as they go across various tests before coming in the market for sale.

While deciding which extension box is to buy always keep in mind that holds a good build quality as they serve longer periods without creating any sort of trouble and have more efficiency than the other extension boxes.

Value for Money

Money always plays an important role while finalizing the extension box even you consider whether the extension box holds the value for money or not.

Once you are sure about which extension box you have decided to buy, you should make sure that the extension box simply justifies its worth and holds all the important factors that you considered while deciding which extension box is to be purchased.


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