Best Induction Cooktop In India 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide

Choosing the Best Induction Cooktop in india for your home is a very difficult job, especially when you buy it for the first time.

If you are looking for a Best Induction Cooktop In India then you are at right place. here we are going to share with you some useful info on the induction cooktop

its features use advantages over a gas stove in the recent year’s induction cooktop has become the very popular cause of its convenience and benefits

it works on the principle of magnetic induction and because of which very high heating rate is achieved and because of the nature of heating, not all missiles can be used on it.

only ferromagnetic metals like cast iron or stainless steel can be used. the base has to be flat and it cannot be convex or concave.

the minimum and maximum diameter of the cookware is specified by the manufacturer depending on the size of the cooktop.

best induction cooktop brand





best induction cooktop in india

1.Bajaj Majesty 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop- ICX 7

Bajaj is the most trusted brand in the Indian market. This induction cooker comes with preset menus which is suitable for your home.

you can customize your cooking time and temperature with the digital display timer and variable temperature selection option.

Best Induction Cooktop In India 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide 1Best Induction Cooktop In India 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide 2

Best Induction Cooktop In India 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide 3


  • 8 preset menus
  • Power switch indicates power consumed during cooking.
  • induction cooking utensil shuts off in one minute if no vessel is detected.
  • with high efficient and quick heating capability, consume only 1900 watt power.
  • also, come with delay start function.
best indution cooktop in india in 2019

2.Prestige 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop with Push Button- PIC 20

Prestige is India’s no 1 kitchen appliance brand. The company has been at the forefront of innovation and has been the quickest growing company within the home appliance hose.

this machine comes with a preset menu which makes it easy to use. also, an automatic voltage regulator that ensure durability, and a power-saving technology to ensure more food is food, while using less power.

Best Induction Cooktop In India 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide 4Best Induction Cooktop In India 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide 5

Best induction cooktop in india


  • Indian menu option helps you to prepare Indian food like chapati, idli, curry, dosa at the touch of a button.
  • an inbuilt automatic voltage regulator takes care of voltage variance.
  • its comes with a feather touch button that will prevent the entry of water into the appliance.
  • the cooktop has anti-magnetic wall ensuring that the black glass panel heating only in the center while keeping the other surface cool.
  • consume 1200 watts power.
  • the full procedure computer control automatically adjusts the power and temperature for different foods and help in efficient cooking.
best indution cooktop in india in 2019

3.Philips 2100-Watt Induction Cooker- HD4929

In our list, the next product come from Philips .this product comes with a touch this carbon steel material is comes with a 1-year warranty

induction cooker technique enables you to make testiest food.enjoy delicious meals in a healthy and fast way. this cooker specially programmed for Indian cooking.

Best Induction Cooktop In India 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide 6Best Induction Cooktop In India 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide 7

Best induction cooktop in india


  • Consume 2100 watt power.
  • Auto-off program cook food easily.
  • Fast cooking better seals nutrition into food.
  • cool to touch surface, cook food easily.
  • programmed for Indian cooking.
best indution cooktop in india in 2019

4.Havells Insta Cook PT 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop

in our list, the next product comes from Havells. This cooktop uses an advanced induction cook technology, which makes it efficient and durable.

the different cooking mode, auto-pan detection, power off and switch off feature make it easy to use saves on time as well. its beautiful design will also a complement the decor of your modern kitchen.

Best Induction Cooktop In India 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide 8Best Induction Cooktop In India 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide 9

Best induction cooktop in india


  • 6 different cooking mode.
  • variable temperature setting with on-off.
  • Timer for convenient monitoring.
  • auto-pan detection and auto power off.
  • LED display for easy selection of the menu.
  • The cooktop has an ergonomic and clean design.
best induction cooktop in india

5.Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

The well-recognized brand of pigeon favorite by stovekraft comes with a solution to all your cooking related needs.

it helps in effectively cooking your favorite dishes without making a mess. This cooker saves your time by cooking faster. this appliance is used to cook solid foods as well as liquid.

this brand comes with preloaded 7 Indian preset has a compact design for added portability.

Best Induction Cooktop In India 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide 10Best Induction Cooktop In India 2021-Reviews & Buying Guide 11

Best induction cooktop in india


  • 7 Indian preset menus.
  • dual heat sensor.
  • 1800 watt induction cooktop.
  • built-in indicators for every function.
  • taking user-friendliness to the next level.
  • multi-functional nature.
best indution cooktop in india in 2019

Buying Guide

Induction cooktop vs Gas stove cooktop

Induction Cooktop:

  • The induction cooktop is working on electromagnetic field induction while the cookware is placed above it.
  • Control using digital touch button.
  • cooking speed is a bit faster.
  • easy to clean and maintain.
  • energy efficient nature.

Gas Cooktop:

  • Gas cooktop uses LPG gas to ignite the burner and is used to heat the vessel.
  • Control manually using rotating knobs.
  • takes more time than induction cooktop.
  • a bit difficult to deter the food particle and other stains present on the glass top.
  • consumes more energy i.e. LPG gas.

Feature to check while buying induction cooktop


  • higher the wattage of an induction cooktop, it will cook faster.
  • the wattage is an indication of the power of induction cooktop.

Auto switches off:

  • this features automatically turns the induction cooktop element off or down in event of overheating.

Pan detection:

  • This feature ensures that induction cooktop does not work until or unless a suitable sized pan or cooking vessel is placed on the heating zone of the cooktop.

Touch control:

  • it is best to choose an induction cooktop with touch control panel instead of control knobs.
  • Touch control buttons are easy to operate control and does not break easily.

Preset menus option:

  • preset menus option help you to cook delicious food easily by setting to modes like the grill, stir, boil, fry.
  • it is done quickly by adjusting the heat and power at every time you cook the food.


  • the timer function allows you to program the cooktop to switch off at a specified time- freeing you up to focus on other elements.

How does induction work:

simply stated induction is basically magnetic friction that can be transferred from your cook surface or your cooked out to your cookware

basically your cookware we need to have some type of ferrous metal or be able to have magnet stick to the bottom of the cookware and ultimately that transfer of heat would be conducted again from your cook surface over to your quick way.

so basically it’s a magnet, means there’s a magnet under here and the pan itself has magnetic quality and the two are going against each other and that’s what creates the heat.

the easiest test and quick success are simply grabbing a magnet and applying it to the bottom of your cookware if the magnet does stick that means that pot is compatible to be used with induction.

Is induction right for you?

the market for induction is going tremendously you know one of the key features with induction is it’s tremendously safe so for those people that may have some elderly or elderly couples you know

again the safety behind that of course with children even with pets that jump up on the counters and you know find their way over the cooktop surface

so it’s a growing market but again from a safety standpoint, it’s ideal for elderly children pets those types of houses.

the true beauties behind best induction cooktop in india are really the safety to it unless the cooktop surface senses a compatible cooktop how many cookware yeah it’s never going to turn itself on so for that simple reason it’s very very safe.

Know more about the induction cooktop

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