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When it comes to considering important accessories such as wires and best extension boards/Cord, you should always choose the best option.

The slightest lapse in choosing these few improvement products can cause great harm to your home as well as the residents. You can say that you are confused because it is difficult to get the best from the wide range of expansion boards.

best extension board

1.GM 3060 E-Book 4 + 1 Power Strip with Master Switch, Indicator, Safety Shutter & 4 international sockets

Want to stop your electronic gadgets from growing? Do you have multiple devices that plug directly into the electrical outlet? It is recommended that you plug your gadget into a spike guard or power strip.

Shop online for the GM3060 e-book 4 + 1 Spike Guard on Amazon India and protect your electronics and accessories from power surges. Most of the four sockets with safety shutters have more electronic devices than plugs on our walls.

Therefore, a power strip is an excellent tool to protect your cargo against random power surges and spike damage. When you are adding more outlets for your various gadgets, you can also use it.

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This GM3060 E-Book 4 + 1 Spike Guard features versatile chairs, 4 multi-purpose international sockets with a master switch. The sockets have a safety shutter to keep their hands in it to protect small or other people from a mistake.

Thermal trip technology and fire retardant protection Want to plug several components of your electrical equipment into a power outlet? GM’s Spike Guard has a built-in safety shutter with thermal trip technology. This helps protect your various devices against voltage fluctuations.


  • 4 1 power strip that comes with 4 international sockets and 1 master switch
  • Socket Type: International socket suitable for different types of plugs used worldwide
  • Safety Shutter: It has a child safety shutter. Ensures protection of your loved ones against electric shock
  • Indicator: indicates the availability of power supply; Material: Virgin Plastic; Other features: Versatile chairs; Retardant
  • Total maximum load of 10A
  • Cable length = 2m
  • Safety Shutdown Technique – It takes thermal overload travel to shut down your system, which saves all connected devices in the current critical state.

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2.Goldmedal Curve Plus 205101 Plastic 240 i-Strip LED Spike Guard Adaptors (White and Red)

The Gold medal Eye-Strip Spike Guard is designed by the finest professional designers in the industry. The superior product quality includes components from professionally experienced and reputable manufacturers, along with phosphor bronze contacts known for its characteristic hardness, elasticity, and conductivity, which ensures the device to experience minimal temperature rise. The i-strip LED spike guard comes with a 2-meter heavy-duty power cord with a 6-meter socket.

A master switch with an LED indicator is embedded in the ergonomic design. The stylish product adds a modern-day home look with a unique LED glow in the edges. It uses thermal trips to shut down its system, which currently saves all connected devices in a critical condition. High joule provides long-lasting protection at 6500 amps.

Maximum Spike Current High Amperage Provides More Spike and Voltage Surge Versatile Sockets: This unique versatile socket design enables you to use the device to provide power for various home appliances employing a variety of plugs.

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The design ensures that the sockets are spaced to accommodate multiple plugs of different sizes simultaneously. Fire Resistant Protection: Lightning can be destroyed by fire and a product that deals with lightning must be fire-resistant.


  • Material: Plastic, Color: White and Red, Type: Wall Mount
  • Package Content: 1 Goldmeadal 240 I-strip LED Spike Guard Adapters
  • 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase
  • It has 6 outlet international socket, indicator with surge protector
  • Cord length: 2 m; Protection Type: Surge Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Overload Protection

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3.Havells 6A Four-Way best Extension Board (White) -1.5 meter Heavy Duty Wire

When it comes to considering important accessories such as wires and extension boards, you should always choose the best option. The slightest lapse in choosing these few improvement products can cause great harm to your home as well as the residents.

You can say that you are confused because it is difficult to get the best from the wide range of expansion boards. If you really want to grab the most ideal product, which reflects both class and quality, bring the Havells 10A Four-Way Extension Board home today.

You may wonder why you would choose this particular extension board when many of them will be readily available in the market. Well, you will be surprised to learn about the special features that come with this utility product from Havells’ house.

The white color extension board comes with a surge capacity of 6500. The board is 8.7 cm in length, 4.5 cm in width and 38.5 cm in height. The expansion board comes with 2400 watts of power, a voltage of 240 volts and a frequency of 50 Hz.

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  • Durable and ergonomic design
  • Rating -6A, 240V (1440VA). Not compatible with any rating beyond 6A
  • 4 universal socket with the master switch.
  • LED indication for power status
  • Length of cord (wire): 1.5 m, thickness of wire: 0.5 sqm
  • Strong inbuilt safety protection
  • Sufficient spacing between sockets to accommodate.

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4.Portronics POR-671 5A Electrical Universal Sockets and 3 USB Ports (Balck)

The Portronics Power Plate II comes with three 5A electrical universal sockets and three USB ports. This completely eliminates the need to surround it with a wall adapter that takes up a ton of space for each of your phones/tablets.

It comes with a spike buster and surges protection circuit for protection and protection. It has fireproofing material with 5V / 2.1A / 3USB intelligent charging interface, which is 1.8 meters in cord length. You can connect your monitor, CPU, speaker, laptop, modem, TV, sound system and many other 5A electrical devices.

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It has a neon-lighted power button for better visibility. Each plug can withstand over 1600 plug insertions, which means you can plug-unplug every day for 5+ years of non-stop without any problems.



  • It has fireproof material with 5V/2.1A/3USB; Body: Plastic Body, USB Output: 2.1A Output; Input: 220-240V AC, Output: 2500W; Cord Length: 1.8M (Approx.); Connect monitor, CPU, Speakers, Laptop, Modem, TV, Sound system and many other 5A electric appliances
  • It has fireproof material with 5V/2.1A/3USB
  • Body: Plastic Body, USB Output: 2.1A Output
  • Input : 220-240V AC, Output : 2500W
  • Cord Length: 1.8M (Approx.), Integrated Plug
  • Connect monitor, CPU, Speakers, Laptop, Modem, TV, Sound system and many other 5A electric appliances.

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5.Syska 3 Way 2 Metres Extension Board with USB (Grey)

The Syska is equipped with a 3 way spike buster spike and surge protection that limits the voltage supplied to the device by storing excess power and releasing it slowly. These sockets are designed to be compatible with Indian and international plugs and devices.


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  • Material: ABS Body, Finish: Plastic & Color: Gray
  • The dimension of item: 2.85 cm x. 6 cm x .25 cm; Power cord length: 2.5: It comes with an on / off switch, light indicator, 2 USB ports and 2.5-meter cord for day to day use; Protection Type: Spike and Surge Protection
  • Package Content: 1-Piece Extension Board
  • 12 months warranty on the product
  • Surge and spike protection
  • Power: 1500 Watts, 6 Amps; Input Voltage: AC 240, 50 Hz
  • Extension board with 3 sockets and 2 USB ports

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6.Belkin Essential Series 8-Socket Surge Protector (Grey)

The Belkin F9E800zb2MGRY Essential Series 8-Socket Surge Protector is designed for home and office use. This utility tool allows you to connect up to 8 different devices from the same power source simultaneously.

The product also acts as a surge protector to protect the connected devices from damage during voltage fluctuations. This allows you to connect any electronic device to a 2 or 3 pin plug.

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The device is paired with the main power switch and power cord. The 2-meter long power cord further enhances the aspect of convenience as it makes it easy to connect the device to a distant power source. All plug sockets of the device are well insulated and grounded.



  • Maximum spike current: 19,000 amps
  • Ground AC power with 3-line protection through all 4 sockets
  • 2-meter, delivering power via heavyduit cable
  • Connected Equipment Warranty Max. Damage coverage Rs. 20,000
  • lifetime warranty.
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7.PGSA2Z™ Hilex 8+1 Multicolour Extension Cord with 3.6 Meter Wire

Want to keep your electronic gadgets from growing? Do you have many devices that are plugged directly into an electrical outlet? It is lightweight and easy operative body which makes it user-friendly and easy to use and port.

We recommend you plug your gadgets into Helix’s white-colored extension cord, which can make your tasks easier at the same time with versatile use and enhance your workplace with a sleek and modern design.

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It is an ergonomically designed socket spike guard that works on the principle of multi-tasking and meets the growing demands of a tech-savvy population.



  • Hilex Mini Strip Switch Light Indicator With Fuse
  • 4 yards length
  • Input 230v 50Hz, Output 230v 50Hz
  • Fuse rating 6 amp
  • Safety Switch On / Off Precaution: – Users do not use the bar for heavy load equipment such as microwave ovens, presses, geysers, immersion rods etc. Devices below 1000 watts can be used as the total load on the strip.


8.Black Apple 7 Socket Extension Board with Switches Fuse LED Indicator and 3 Metre Wire

The black apple 7 + 7 socket multiplex extension cord is fully designed for continuous and heavy use with a wire length of 3 m (approx). In addition, this resource expansion cord is available at the best possible through robust materials.

electric extension board

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This multi-port cord includes high plastics. ABS housing material for high impact and good chemical resistance. You are sure that the Black Apple Extension board is reliable and a durable option for all your power needs.

Accurate – The user does not use the strip for heavy load equipment such as microwave ovens, electric kettle, presses, geysers, immersion rods, etc. Devices below 1000 watts may be used. This can occur as the total load on the strip.


  • 7 sockets with individual switches
  • 3 meter long wire
  • Good quality material is used
  • Below 1000 watts can be used

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9.ADDMAX Extension Cord with USB Port – 2 Meter Cord

It can automatically detect the number of charging devices and adjust the maximum output current and power, up to 2Amp.

The 2-meter power cord makes it more flexible, gain easy access to a location where it is difficult to reach, easily extend the portable power strip to a table or other place where simultaneous power outlet or USB charging port is required. Is there, you can still play your iPad or video game charge.

hevells extension board

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  • Input Voltage: 10 Amp 220V – 50 / 60HZ
  • USB output: up to 5V / 2A on each port
  • Item Dimension: 13.6 * 13.6 * 3.4 CM
  • Item Weight: 300g
  • Power cord length: 2 meters long cord

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10.Gongniu (Formerly Bull) Extension Board; 4 Socket, 4 Switch, 5 M Wire

High-quality expansion board made with unique materials. These extension boards are fire-resistant, environmentally friendly. Comes with a 10A power rating as opposed to 6A provided by other brands

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  • 10 amperes, 2500 watt rating; 100% pure brass bar inside; No wiring reduces the risk of short-circuits
  • Suitable for most home appliances (such as rice cookers, fans, refrigerators, machines, and other appliances)
  • 2-year warranty on the product
  • Made of polypropylene which is lightweight, fire resistance and environmentally friendly; Used as the same material that forms rigid lags
  • Tested for 10,000 cycles of on / off and 5,000 plug insertion cycles

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