Top 10 Best Cricket kits 2020-Reviews & Buying guide

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Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Cricket is played here in street. Wherever you look, children will be seen playing cricket. We also got 2 World Cups in cricket.

We need a cricket kit to play cricket. the best cricket kit contains bat, ball, pad, gloves, thigh pad, ARM guard.

If you are thinking to buy the best cricket kit then you are in the right place. Here we give a list of top 10 best cricket kits available in the market.

best cricket kits

List Of best cricket kits in india

Here I am listing Top 10 best cricket kits available in the market. This all best cricket kits are Budget-friendly and longlasting.

1.GM 1600399 Complete Kit with Helmet Cricket Size 6

GM is a well-known brand in the manufacture of cricket kits. Gm designed the youth of its series looking to succeed in the field of cricket. GM created its series after conducting extensive research. GM comes with complete kit and helmet which is suitable for 15 players.

All the products in this cricket kit provide a quality mark and provide durability and complete comfort. Its kit is designed to include a wider range that makes the young TERF an all-rounder cricketer.

This cricket kit comes with a GM icon batting pad, a pair of batting gloves, a helmet, a thigh guard, an armed guard, a belly guard. The Cricket Kit 10 plays an important role in starting his career in cricket. Give this complete cricket kit to your newbie.


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2.CW Academy Cricket Kit Blue 

This cricket kit is suitable for ages between 5 and 13 years. All cricket equipment in this cricketing kit comes in blue color. In this cricketing kit, you get all the cricket accessories used to play cricket.

It comes with a Kashmir willow cricket bat. Its hand gloves come from Sherwood which is made from finger rolls filled with fine PVC and ventilation cotton.

This cricket has a large kit bag which ensures maximum storage capacity for holding cricket equipment. It provides you with a full head protection helmet, which features a face gouged fixed grill. It comes with 3 times leg gird with plastajet lightweight padding.


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3.Sports Hub 1448 Full Cricket Kit with Bag and with Spordy Stumps

This complete cricket kit comes with all the cricket equipment you need to play cricket. It comes with RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat. It consists of Nexus leg guard batting gloves.

In addition, this cricketing kit includes a test arm gaur, a thigh gaur, abed gaur. . The tournament is Aberd Gaur SG Indius No.1 cricket gear.

In addition, tournament Abdo is the world’s largest cricket gear manufacturer. This cricket kit is available in different sizes for different age groups. The Kit Kit Bag is made of heavy-duty nylon which ensures durability.


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4.Klapp Champion best Cricket Kit, Cricket Set

This complete cricket kit comes for all age groups. And this cricket kit is available in different sizes. It includes a cricket willow bat, 1 pair pad, 1 pair gloves, 1 cricket helmet, 1 thigh pad, 1 arm gaud, 1 belly gaud, And a kit bag.

This cricket kit is ideal for intermediate levels. Single products in this kit bag are made of good quality. The paper sitting leg gaur is made of PVC facing.

The Kappal cricket helmet is made of a slightly effective propylene shell. A fully adjustable steel grill which gives you better protection.


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5.SG 7PCS CRKT best Cricket Kit (Multicolor)

This original sg cricket kit is long-lasting and is of very good quality. This cricket kit consists of heavy-duty nylon tape with additional reinforcement.

Batting gloves are made of cotton and pvc.this cricket kit consists of premium PVC finger rolls. Which have dual. Density Foam Finger Roll.



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6.Cricket World Junior Red 7 Item Ezeepak Without Cricket Bat Sports Kit

This premiere quality cricket kit comes in red. It contains all cricket equipment tools. Kit Kit Bag is made of durable and waterproof material.

It has a long side compartment, which ensures space for all your cricket tools. It has two zip compartments one outside and one main. skipper sitting leg gaur is made of high-quality PVC facing.

This helmet comes in blue color, suitable for practicals, training club nad matches. This cricket kit bag contains 7 items along with all your essential batting tools. It includes originals.

Leg gourds that give you maximum protection. In addition, it includes 1 large size cricket bag, a pair of batting gloves, a cricket helmet, one-handed gaur, a thigh gaur, and a belly gaur.

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7.SG Kashmir Eco Cricket Kit

This complete cricket bag has all the gear you need. It is available in different sizes and colors for different age groups.

It comes with an external bat packet. This cricket kit includes cricket bat, leg gaur, batting gloves, kitbag, thigh gaur, arm gaur, abdo gaurd. All items in this cricket kit are of rich quality with low prices.

This company is made by cricketers for all cricket gear cricketers, as the company’s research and development team also has qualities for international cricketers.

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8.Spartan Cricket Junior Complete Batting Set 

This cricket is suitable for children between 7-9 years and 10-13 years old. It comes in many sizes for different age groups.

This cricket kit includes a cricket bat, kitbag, thigh gaur, arm gaur, belly gaur, batting gloves, leg. The guard.this cricket kit is the perfect gift for your young cricketer. This cricket kit comes with a size 4 and a size 5 Kashmir willow bat.

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9.SG, MRF Economy Cricket Kit

This cricket kit comes with Kashmir willow bat. All cricket equipment comes in this cricketing kit. This cricket kit consists of a kit bag, an sg cricket helmet, a sg cricket batting pad, sg batting gloves, thigh pads, a pair of gloves.

sg gives you world-class quality tools for you. And make your career the first step towards success.


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10.SG Kashmir Eco Cricket Kit for youth, size 5 (ideal for ages 9 to 12)

This cricket is complete cricket for youth sizes. It includes all the cricket equipment you need to play cricket. The best price cricket kit is given without compromising on the quality. ,

Leg gourd. This cricket kit includes campus kit bag SG test Abdo guard, eco combo thigh gaur

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Buying guide for the best cricket kits

How many things are there in the best cricket kit?


It is very important to wear a helmet while playing cricket. Sometimes we get the news that someone was injured due to not wearing a conscience.

The helmet gives us more protection. So we should not play cricket without a helmet. Before buying a helmet, check it thoroughly to know whether it will give you a good experience or not.

All cricket helmets are available in the market. All of them have a unique setting. You can play cricket by adjusting it accordingly.



The pad is another very important part of cricket. To play well while playing cricket or to play a good shot, it is important that we buy a good cricket pad. By choosing a good cricket post, it happens that we can play our game well and effectively.

The best way to find the right size of your leg protector is to line up your knee right in the middle of the knee turn and then check to see if the top of the pads in your batting position gets in the way of your hands.

Abdo Gaurd

It is also known as “box”.abdo provides groin protection.It is a fact that it gives us good protection. So you should play cricket nah without wearing it. One thing and you can’t even borrow it from any of your friends.

Thigh pads

After wearing it you may have some difficulty in running so some players do not wear it.To make your body work well, you can wear it below your minimize serius bruising if you are hit on one of the body’s fleshier parts.


Some players have no problem wearing it while some wear it as the body feels heavy.Although wearing it is a beneficial deal if you are an odd dread pitch.


It is no longer in fashion today because it prevents the movement of our body. Many cricketers don’t like to wear them. But if you are a bowler and want to protect your arms, then you must buy it.


Before choosing gloves, check it thoroughly to see if it is sitting properly in both your hands.
Gloves should fit very tight in the hand because the tighter the fit will work, the better.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best cricket kits

1. How to choose the right size of the helmet?

An easy way to lime a helmet is if the level of your helmet is in front of your eyebrows, it means that the helmet is fit for you.
for small boys best helmet size is 51-53cm.for boys,53-54cm.for youths,54-56 cm.for men:58-60cm,and for large men;60-62cm.

3. How to maintain the quality of my cricket helmet?

It is very important to maintain the quality of the helmet so that it can provide you protection for more days. If you do not maintain the quality of your helmet, then it is possible that it will stop protecting are some points to protect your helmet.

  • after any hit check for damage of helmet such as cracks.
  • If the helmet has deteriorated, replace it immediately.
  • keep your helmet away from the dry environment and also from sunlight.
  • they can corrode over time in the case of ABS plastic.

There are many things to keep in mind when buying a cricket bat. Consider the following list:

beginner/expert: If you are a beginner then you buy cheap bat first.Because no one plays well in Starting. You might hit a bad shot and your bat get damage or even breaks. Breaking an expensive bat and breaking a cheap bat will have a different effect in your pocket.

Kashmir/English willow; This is a point where a lot of people make mistakes. There are many of us who think that the English willow bat is more than Kashmir willow.

But it is not so. There is not much difference between these two.the main difference between these two is; English is more soft and springy than Kashmir willow. If you are a Beginner right now, I would ask you to go with Kashmir willow because it is much cheaper than English willow.


Here we are including some best cricket kits among the top cricket kits brands. Hope this useful for you. You can learn more about these best cricket kits by checking out their features.



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