Top 10 best cricket kits 2020-Reviews & buyer guide

cricket is one of the famous sport in the world. In India cricket is a more popular sport than any sport. Whether it’s choosing the thinnest, toughest bats, the best pads, durable gloves, and even the easiest-to-use cricket bag can be tricky.

If you are thinking to buy a best cricket kit then you are in the right place. Here we give list of top 10 best cricket kits available in the market.

best cricket kit

List Of best cricket kits

Here i am listing Top 10 best cricket kits available in market.This all best cricket kits are Budget freindly and longlasting.

1.GM 1600399 Complete Kit with Helmet Cricket Size 6

GM is the name, sworn by serious players. His series is made after extensive research and is specially designed for young stars looking for wings to fly and succeed in their cricket careers.

 The complete GM helmet kit is a unique cricket kit specially designed for under the age of 15 players. All products are a hallmark of quality and assure durability, robustness, and ultimate comfort.

GM’s team has approved and endorsed a list of products for the GM complete kit with a helmet. With the advice of expert professionals, the kit is designed to be included in a wider range that makes young turf an all-rounder.

best cricket kits include a durable carrying bag with a GM icon, a comfortable and easy to use batting pad (specially designed for children), a pair of batting gloves, a helmet a cricket ball, an armed guard, a thigh guard, Pet Guards. Gift your newbie the secret of success, with the GM complete kit with a helmet.


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  • Number of bats: 1 Kashmiri Willow Cricket Bat Striker
  • Number of helmets: one
  • Number of batting legs: one pair
  • Number of thigh pads: one pair
  • Number of gloves: one pair
  • Number of belly guards: one piece
  • Number of arm guards: one pair

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2.CW Academy Cricket Kit Blue 

Sports Blue Cricket Kit with complete cricket batting accessories. Good quality cricket kit for sports cricket players.”Sherwood” batting hand gloves made of quality leather palm best PVC, forged for ventilation cotton filled finger rolls and thumbs

A large kit bag has maximum storage capacity for holding all cricket gear under one space. Fully heavy-duty wheelbase bag with side bat compartment area.

One of the 4 cut pieces of superior alum leather, chosen from the top-grade hide, with water – 100% wool with top quality cork wound layers has been certified to have good quality center construction. Naturally Experienced Internal Core Good Abrasion Resistance and Excellent Size Retention.


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  • Personal Wheel Bag. A large kit bag has maximum storage capacity for holding all cricket gear under one space.
  • SMASHER Kashmir willow handcrafted with the perfect bat to play incredible shots. Full hand-wrought.
  • Pair of sitting leg guard pads. Made from PVC. Top Three Bar Leg Guard with Plastazote Light Weight Padding.
  • Cricket helmet for full head protection. Featuring faceguard fixed grill.

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3.Sports Hub 1448 Full Cricket Kit with Bag and with Spordy Stumps

The best cricket kit for all sizes includes all the gear you need. Includes Bat RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Laggards: Nexus Batting Leggings Batting Gloves – Campus RH Batting Gloves

Kit Bag: Superpack Backpack Style Cricket Bag Thigh Guard: Test RH Thigh Guard Arm Guard: Test Arm Guard Abdo Guard: Tournament Abdo GuardSG No Is only Indias No. 1 cricket equipment, but the company is also the world’s largest manufacturer of cricket equipment.

It produces everything That a serious cricketer needs: bats, English and Kashmir willows, gloves, leg protectors, balls: leather, synthetic, tennis, and practice, body protectors, bags, helmets, shoes, clothing, and accessories.


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  • The complete kit bag for youth sizes includes all the gear you need.
  • Available in different sizes for different age groups
  • Kitbag made of heavy-duty nylon material
  • External bat packet available
  • This best Cricket kit includes: cricket bat (with cover) + lifeguard + batting glove + kitbag + thigh guard + arm guard + Abdo guard

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4.Klapp Champion best Cricket Kit, Cricket Set

The Clap best Cricket Kit is ideal for intermediate levels. This kit contains all the equipment a player needs for his match or for his practice. All personal products are made with good quality so that you can enjoy your game and improve your game.


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  • The complete kit bag for all ages includes all the gear you need.
  • Available in different sizes for different age groups
  • Batting gloves – palm made of cotton and PVC
  • Premium PVC Finger Roll and Dual Density Foam Finger Roll
  • This best cricket kit includes: 1 K Willow Cricket Bat (Size 4), 1 pair pads, 1 pair batting gloves, 1 cricket helmet, 1 thigh pad, 1 arm guard, 1 belly guard and 1 kit bag

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5.SG 7PCS CRKT best Cricket Kit (Multicolor)

this best cricket kit comes with Very good quality, long-lasting, original SG, items may or may not be the same as mentioned, high strength nylon tapes with additional reinforcement, extra durable base sheet, batting gloves: palm made of cotton and PVC, rolls Premium PVC toe and Dual Density Foam Rolls, cotton back, cotton reinforcement for ventilation.



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  • Very fine quality
  • Long-lasting, original SG
  • Items may or may not be the same as mentioned.
  • Heavy-duty nylon tape with extra reinforcement, an extra durable base sheet
  • Batting gloves – palm made of cotton and PVC
  • Premium PVC Finger Roll and Dual Density Foam Finger Roll
  • Cotton back

6.Cricket World Junior Red 7 Item Ezeepak Without Cricket Bat Sports Kit

Play a completely invincible on a cricket pitch with the CW Agipak Sports best Cricket Kit Red without a bat, a great cricket equipment pack set by No.1 sports product manufacturers Cricket World.

Agipak Cricket has set a seven-item essential batting pack that has all the important equipment for players to perform in matches. With good quality and maximum high priority qualities that batsmen need the most (original top-grade leg guard required)

a large size hardwood bag made of azipak kit bag + a pair of batting gloves + cricket helmet + hand and Thai Guard + Pet Guard is a perfect match and the best hand protective gear for batsmen) All high-quality items set in this kit.

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  • Premium quality kit red color complete kit set includes all cricket equipment.
  • The Edgepack Shoulder Cricket Side Kit Bag is made of durable and waterproof best quality material. The complete machine is made from stitched and durable synthetic fabric.
  • The azipac has a long side compartment to hold your cricket bat outward with a black thin lining. Two zipper compartments one outside and one main.
  • Captain batting leg guard red color. High-quality PVC faced. The construction of filled sugarcane is reinforced. A hermaphrodite pad with PVC instep.
  • A pair of batting red hand gloves made of high-quality cotton palm and back PVC cotton bud, finger rolls, and thumbs filled with cotton, towel wristbands.
  • Cricket helmet in navy blue color suitable for practice, training, club, and school matches. Guard on arm and thigh for arm and thigh protection.

7.SG Kashmir Eco Cricket Kit

this best cricket kit comes with an attractive price from SG. All items in rich quality at low cost. SG is not only the Indias No.1 cricket gear brand, but the company is also the world’s largest manufacturer of cricket gear.

SG manufactures everything a serious cricketer needs: bats, English and Kashmir willows, gloves, leg guards, balls: leather, synthetic, tennis, and practice, body protectors, kit bags, helmets, shoes, clothing, and accessories.

SG cricket gear is virtually made by cricketers for cricketers as the company R and D team has to access to a panel of well-known first-class and international cricketers. And the company remains the cricket factory in the world.

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  • Complete Kitbag for all ages includes all the gear that you need
  • Available in various sizes and colors for different age groups
  • Kitbag made from heavy-duty nylon material
  • External Bat Packet available
  • best Cricket Kit Includes Cricket Bat (with cover) + Legguard + Batting Gloves + Kitbag + Thigh Guard + Arm Guard + Abdo Guard.

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8.Spartan Cricket Junior Complete Batting Set 

A perfect gift for your little budding cricketer, this cricketing kit from Spartan’s home is made from premium quality material.

Coming with Kashmir willow bat (size 4) and size 5, the kit is also packed in batting pads (boy size), batting gloves, thigh pads, arm guards, ab dominator guards, and a shoulder bag.

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  • Junior Cricket Kits-Ideal for 7-9 Year and 10-13 Year
  • Available in various sizes for different age groups
  • best Cricket Kit Includes: Cricket Bat + Legguard + Batting Gloves + Kitbag + Thigh Guard + Arm Guard + Abdominal Guard

9. SG No.4 Cricket Set (Multicolour)

It is a good quality best cricket kit with an attractive price from SG. All items in rich quality at low cost. SG is not only India’s No. 1 cricket gear brand, but the company is also the world’s largest manufacturer of cricket gear.

The complete best cricket kit bag for youth sizes includes all the gear you need. These include SG Eco Combo Kitbag, SG RSD Spark Cricket Bat, SG Nexus Batting Leg Guard, SG Test Thigh Guard, SG Abdominal Guard, SG Arm Guard, SG Campus Batting Gloves.

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  • Made from heavy-duty nylon material
  • Contemporary design
  • External bat pocket
  • In-Box Contents: SG Eco Combo kitbag, SG RSD Spark Cricket Bat, SG Nexus batting Leg guard, SG Test Thigh Guard, SG Abdominal Guard, SG Armguard, SG Campus Batting Gloves.

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10. e-YOP Popular Willow best Cricket kit

This is one of the best cricket kits.complete cricket kit package Package includes 1 cricket bat, 3 wickets, 2 balls, 1 pair gloves (free 1 pc tennis ball) Bat dimensions: height: 33.4 inches, bat handle height: 11.4 inches,

bat edge thickness: 1.5 inches width: height: Full Size, Color: Brown Bat Material: Popular Willow. This bat is suitable for a tennis ball. Wicket Material: Top quality wood makes your game smaller AGE —– 9 to 14 years

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  • this Package Contains 1 Cricket Bat, 3 Wickets, 2 Bails, 1 Pair Gloves 1 Pc Tennis Ball)
  • Its Bat Dimension is Height: 33.4 Inch, Bat Handle Height: 11.4 Inch, Bat Edge Thickness: 1.5 Inch
  • its Wicket Dimension is Height: Full Size
  • this best cricket kit comes with Brown Bat color.
  • It’s Material made of Popular Willow.
  • This Bat Is also Suitable For Tennis Ball. Wicket Material: Top Quality Wood Make Your Game That Little Bit Of More Fabulous.

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Buying guide for the best cricket kits

How many things are there in the best cricket kit?


The helmet is the most important thing in the best cricket kits. Most cricket players of all skill levels now wear helmets while batting, and any player under the age of 18 must wear them as standard. The most important things to keep in mind when choosing a helmet are:

Is it comfortable, fits well, and is stable while walking?

Do you have a kite trail?

Most cricket experts will only wear helmets that have passed the necessary safety tests, so choosing a helmet really comes down to comfort and budget.

Most available helmets have a few adjustments to make them more comfortable. By adjusting the configuration of the helmet nut, the grille can be positioned when it prevents the cricket ball from passing under the visitor while allowing good visibility.


The best way to choose the size of your leg protector is to line up your knee right in the middle of the knee turn and then check to see if the top of the pads in your batting position gets in the way of your hands.

Having the wrong size pads will mean they will meet on the road and become a burden during running and stroke play. They are also no less effective in providing protection because the cushion is located in the wrong places due to its wrong size.

Abdo Gaurd

Commonly known as a box, an Abdo Guard provides groin protection and as a result, is subject to any mischiefs in the locker room. But the fact that the cricket box is an essential part of cricket safety should not be distracted. Never go out with one and don’t expect to borrow one!

Thigh pads

Although some players choose not to wear them because they can restrict movement, a thigh pad worn inside the pants prevents serious injury if you injure yourself on one part of the body.


At the amateur level, some players wear chest protectors, but they are worth considering if you regularly face fast bowling or play on an unreliable pitch.


Armguards have gone out of style with most of the top players, as many feel it restricts their flow while playing. However, if you are a bowler and want to protect your arm, it is worth using them.


Remember, the gloves come in left and right pairs, and a good fit is required. Gloves should feel very tight since a loose fit is less effective protection.

Cricket Stumps

Whether it’s wood, plastic, or metal, it’s important to keep a set of stumps while practicing.

Personally, I enjoy hitting by throwing a tennis ball against the wall and practicing hitting, to make sure of my stump position. This is in addition to the net session.

Also, if you are a bowler, you will know that it is important to play on a set of stumps since you can get a ghazal in your lines and length. Aim for the top!

Frequently asked Questions Regarding Best cricket kits

1. How to choose the right size of the helmet?

The general rule of thumb with a cricket helmet is that if the helmet is level with the eyebrows it is a good fit. You should feel comfortable but firm with minimal movement in either direction.

Small Boys: 51-52cm
Boys: 53-54cm
Youths: 54-56cm
Small Mens: 56-58cm
Men’s: 58-60cm
Large Mens / OS Mens: 60-62cm.

2. What are the things to consider when buying a cricket helmet?

It is highly recommended that players of all skill levels purchase a cricket helmet to protect their head from the impact of the cricket ball.

Since the start of the new millennium, it has been mandatory for all cricketers under the age of 18 to wear a cricket helmet while batting, facing stumps as wicket bearers, or standing near a batsman. .

Despite reaching the cricket ground during the 1930s, the cricket batting helmet was not widely adopted until the late 1970s, leading to the deadly pace of West Indies fast pitchers and fast pitchers.

Australians Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thompson. He ran away. Now all professional cricketers, and even most rural-level cricketers, even if they don’t wear it every week, consider a cricket helmet as a necessary purchase.

3. How to maintain the quality of my cricket helmet?

The quality of your cricket helmet is important, to ensure that long-term safety features are maintained. If you don’t keep your cricket helmet, your cricket helmet may not protect you. Follow the points given below to maintain your cricket helmet properly:

  • After any impact, check the helmet for noticeable damage, such as cracks and deformations.
  • Replace damaged areas with official parts
  • If the helmet is badly damaged, stop using it immediately and buy a new one.
  • Always keep your cricket helmets in a dry environment and away from direct sunlight, as
  • they can corrode over time in the case of ABS plastic.
  • Protect your helmet from impact or compression while storing or transporting

If your cricket helmet does not have a cloth cover, wipe away dirt or stains with a damp cloth and mild detergent. 


There are many things to keep in mind when buying a cricket bat. Consider the following list:

Beginner or Expert: If you are a beginner, consider cheap bats. The reason behind this is that when you are in the learning phase, you can play some very ugly shots, which can cause a crack or break on the bat. Breaking the cheap bat and breaking the expensive bat is heavy on our pocket. 🙂

Kashmir / English willow: This is actually a point where many people make mistakes. Many of us think that English willow is much better than Kashmir willow. No, there is no major difference between them.

The main difference is: English willow is more elastic than Kashmir willow. The English willow, when touched, becomes softer and more elastic than the Kashmir willow. For beginners, I would suggest Kashmir willow as they are cheaper than English willow.

Never buy online: You should never buy a bat online. Bats must be felt. You should check the height, weight, and balance of the bat. And this cannot be done without personally verifying it.

Always go to a shop, check height, weight, and try to swing the bat in the same way while playing your favorite shot as this will give you a sense of whether the bat is good for you or not.

Watch the bat – Watch the bat up close. See cracks near the handle and bottom. Try to hit it with a mallet at the optimal point and listen to the noise.

Keep an eye on Pimples: Now here is a very important part according to me. We miss it often. What are grains? When you look at the front face of the bats, you will see many lines. If these lines are nearly parallel, the bats are of very good quality.

These lines will not be straight. They will be curved but they should be approximately parallel. It is good to have a few lines here and there, but overall it should look parallel.

Heavy / Light: It really depends on you. You should try to balance heavy and light bats and check whether their body is balanced with the swing. I suggest that if you are of heavy build and have a low back, opt for a heavier option as it can easily lift you and also compensate for the strength you get with a higher backrest.

On the other hand, if you have a normal build and a high back, choose a lighter one and the reason will be the opposite of the previous one.

Last and main point: Do not try to identify your favorite player when choosing bats. Even star players examine bats before use. For them, 50 grams / 1 inch also more or less matters.

Sanspirils Greenlands (SG): It is one of the most popular brands of cricket equipment on the subcontinent. It is used for Indian team players by players of all levels of school level cricket.

It is not only popular in India but also in neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. The list of players who use this bat is quite long, but here are some. Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid, Virender Sehwag, KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya, Rishabh Pant, Suresh Raina, Shane Watson, Rashid Khan, and Shakib Al Hasan

Sarin Sports (SS / TON): one of the best, if not only in India but also the best cricket bats brands worldwide. Its popularity has increased considerably in recent decades.

They bat brilliantly for power hitters and specialized hitters. The brand’s famous clients are VVS Laxman, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja, Kumar Sangakkara, Lasith Malinga, Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Andre Russell, Carlos Brathwaite, Kirron Pollard, Yusuf Pathan, and Sourav Ganguly.

Beat All Sports (BAS) – Another high-quality bat maker based in India. Some of its main clients also include MS Dhoni. It was actually the first brand to sponsor MS Dhoni. Another famous South African client is Hashim Amla.

Deluxe Sports Company (DSC) – Another well-known company based in India, but one that has gained popularity among foreign players. Some of his most famous clients include David Miller and Dwayne Bravo.

BD Mahajan and Sons (BDM): These bats are not as popular with Indian players as they used to be. It was actually used by Virat Kohli early in his career. A popular brand of bats among the women’s team.

Stanford (SF): This brand of bats is also based in India, but is mainly popular in South Asia. The famous clients of this bat are Sanath Jayasuriya and Mahela Jayawardene.


Here we are including some best cricket kits among the top cricket kits brands. Hope this useful for you. You can learn more about these best cricket kits by checking out their features.


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