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best roti maker

Roti is a necessary item in India. It is morning or evening we cannot live without roti. People who make roti know how much it is to make bread with the traditional method.

Making bread with the traditional method requires both time and effort. So we needed a roti maker so that we could make our chapatti in less time and less effort.

We have searched all the user reviews and data online about the best roti makers/chapati makers available in the market so that you can bring the best pieces of your advice before purchasing one.

There may be more than 100 roti maker/chapati maker models, but there is no need to test each of them as we have listed only the best of them. These are what you need to focus your attention is the top 10 best roti maker in India.

best roti maker


1.Prestige PRM 3.0 Stainless Steel Roti Maker

this stylish roti maker comes in silver is made out of stainless steel consumes about 900-watt power.


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  • Stainless steel body
  • Make chapattis and other items easily
  • 900 watts power
  • Non-stick plate

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2.FAVY Eagle/National Roti Maker Eagle Made Life 4500

This product should be in all bachelor kitchens. This roti maker is equipped with an 8-inch diameter. Which ensures that you get smooth and fluffy roti. With the help of this, you can make unripe roti in no time.

Neither you have to roll nor do you have to girdle, just press a little and your round and round bread are ready. Now it is time that you forget the old methods of making bread and make your own bread with this new age bread maker.

This bread maker saves you time and makes you smooth bread. This ensures that you can get around and round roti in your low effort. This gives you a surface in which the dough does not stick.

Its handle is made in such a way that you can easily hold both the plates. With this roti maker, you can make paranthas, dosa, and much more along with roti.



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  • it is totally shockproof.
  • heavy duty
  • non-stick
  • comes with a demo cd

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3.Skyzone Heavy Quality Iron (Chapati) Maker Roti Maker

A bread maker is specially used to save your time and money. Generally, their demand is more in the hostel hotels where this machine makes a lot of chapatti in a few minutes.


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  • made out of iron material.
  • it is very long-lasting
  • it is very easy to clean.
  • it has a diameter of 6.5-7 inches.
  • it has an anti-skid heavy base.

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4.Prestige Xclusive Stainless Steel PRM 5.0 Roti Maker with Demo CD

Its surface is made of granite splatter which gives you non-stick performance as well as gives you a stylish finish. Its base is concavely Curved which ensures that it remains in the center while pressing the roti.

Its body is made of stainless steel which lasts for a long time and the steel is made strong and shockproof. In this, you can also control the temperature and make the best roti according to yourself.

The green light that is installed in it tells you that the bread maker is heating up and when it stops, understand that it is ready to do it.


roti maker reviewsCheck price on amazon


  • comes with granite non-stick coating
  • along with roti it can also be used for beating cream, tomato soup, lentils, churn milk
  • shake, lassi, and buttermilk.
  • stainless steel makes it strong and shockproof.

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5.BAJAJ VACCO®”Go-Ezzee” Chapati/Roti/Khakhra Maker C-02 Wattage 900

Bajaj VACCO makes such bread for you that reminds you of your home. This roti maker gives roti in the same way as TV aids.It comes with automatic cut off technology and works perfectly.

This can create a lot of low loaves for your family and relative, which is very full during festive times.


bajaj roti makerCheck price on amazon


  • it is very easy to use.
  • lightweight
  • can be used as multipurpose.
  • it has an automatic cut off feature
  • it saves your time and energy.

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6.Shoponclick KayLine Roti Maker Combo with White Dough Maker & Casserole

Buying this roti maker can be your best decision. It comes with a nonstick base.And it is designed in such a way that you will get round and smooth bread every time.

It is very easy to make it. Once you use it, you will not feel like making bread from the old method again. Along with this roti maker, you also get a milk maker, from whose female you can make printing practice and tandoori roti in a few minutes.

ROTI MAKER: – Getting a new reputation bread maker for your kitchen is the best decision you will ever be making.

With a non-stick base, it is designed in such a way that you are making perfect fluffy and round roti every time.The reputation bread maker is so easy to use, you will never go back to making the old way of bread again.

DOUGH Maker: –
It is a highly innovative product.
With the help of this dough maker, you can prepare dough for chapatti, paratha, and tandoori rotis in a few minutes.


roti maker machineCheck price on amazon


  • comes with a transparent lid
  • it is easy to use
  • you can also make lassi or butter.
  • food-grade plastic

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7.SRS Non Stick Teflon Coated Stainless Steel 900W Modern Roti Maker

This product is designed in such a way that you do not have any problem in making bread in any is made from high-quality ingredients.its Tawa is made of superior food-grade Teflon coated non-stick aluminum.

It comes with a full shockproof body and heat resistant handles. With the help of this, you can make yourself and your family hot Rotis. With this product, you are given a complete manual, with the help of which you can easily use it.

Automatic Electric Chapati / Roti / Khakra Manufacturer: The product from SRS is designed with the utmost engineering precision to ensure that there is no shortage of the best rotis / chapatis / khakars every time you reach your plate. Rotis / chapatis that are light, fluffy, quick-cooking.

High-quality ingredient: Roti / Chapati – Maker made of superior quality tubular ingredients. Tawa is made from a superior food grade Teflon coated non-stick aluminum.

Ultra-Safe with Shockproof Body and Heat Resistant Handles: Roti / Chapati – Maker is ultra-safe with a shockproof body and heat resistant handles. This ensures that you can use the maker of rotis / chapatis at once to make rotis / chapatis for you and your family.

Also, be assured that the roti/chapati maker has a fully shock-proof body and is fitted with high-quality leads and 6 amp. Plug. A complete manual to guide you and help you use the product easily. Bread making is easy with SRS Bread Maker.

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  • it is too lightweight.
  • no roller pin “belan’ required.
  • comes with temperature control.
  • made of high-quality Teflon.
  • non-stick coated aluminum.

8.MOLO New Roti Maker/KHAKHRA Maker/Stainless Steel Body

its cover is made of stainless steel .its handle comes with a scratch-proof metal resistant, non-stick coating. You can also make dosa omelets and chiles kharas along with roti.

Its griddle is made of non-stick coated aluminum. It has a double thermostat for temperature control. This machine is very lightweight and fast. It saves both your time and energy.

Its body is shockproof, it means that no current shock is going to happen. With this, its handle is insulated with Bakelite which is very ideal for you.

High gloss and durable stainless steel cover and cool-touch handle 3. Scratch-proof, metal resistant, non-stick coating. 4. The first revolutionary anti-fall plate design in India that can make dosa, omelets, chiles, khakras, and rotis.

Automatic cut-off portable automatic chapati/bread making machine, lightweight – fast – convenient – Hygenic – saves time and energy, no roller pin ‘cylinder’ required – automatic double thermostat – temp. Control – High-quality Teflon – Non-stick coated aluminum – Tavas Sturdy s.

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The setal body, shock-proof insulated-bakelite handle is ideal for making crispy rotis, papad, khakhra, paroutha actas, this is a truly portable – moving tava.



  • it comes with a power of 900 W.
  • comes with a dual heating element
  • automatic cut-off
  • high glass and durable stainless steel body.

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9.Gi-Shop Home Creation Best Eagle Roti and Khakhra Maker

Its body is made of shockproof technology that does not let you get shocked. Along with this, its handle is heat resistant so there is no risk of damage to your hand.

If the lead indicator in it goes off, it means that it is ready to take your double ball.This product has been designed in such a way that there is no problem in getting the best roti.


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10.BID Heavy Quality Iron Puri Maker, Chapati Press, Chapati Maker best Roti Maker

Inside it is taken of hard metal. With the help of this, you can easily make a whole chapattis and more. It looks very beautiful and enhances the beauty of your kitchen.

Whether you want to make deli’s deli roti or make it whole during festivals, you can easily make it. The good thing is that the dough does not stick in it while using it.

You do not need to take much tension to clean it, it can be easily cleaned.

roti maker automaticCheck price on amazon



  • it is made of iron
  • it is durable
  • this roti maker is easy to clean
  •  omes with a 6.5-7 inch diameter.

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